It’s Important To Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Although the best time to have maintenance performed on your AC unit is during the spring months, it’s still not to late to schedule air conditioning maintenance. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your AC unit is operating in excellent condition, just because it was last summer.

Your air conditioning repair contractor will inform you that at the very least, it’s crucial to for them to pull apart your unit, in order to properly inspect it, and clean it. Your unit has collected anywhere from six to nine months of debris, such as dust and pollen.HVAC - Phoenix

When homeowners neglect to have the guts of their air units cleaned, they allow debris and air pollutants to flow through their home’s air vents, causing everyone in the house to suffer. It’s common for people to complain about itchy eyes, running noses, scratchy throats and sometimes, mild fevers, after inhaling polluted air inside their home.

You also need to schedule a HVAC maintenance visit as soon as possible, because the summer months are notoriously busy for HVAC Phoenix contractors. Imagine yourself sitting inside of a sweltering house, sitting by a fan that blows hot air, simply because you failed to schedule a maintenance visit before other customers did. You can avoid this calamity by avoiding the last-minute summer rush. Then, you’ll enjoy cool, clean air inside your house, while your neighbors fight for last-minute appointments.

Not only will your contractor inspect and clean out your air unit, they can also perform necessary repairs, before they become too problematic. The contractor is also trained to clean out your air ducts. The air ducts are one of the most neglected components inside of a house and yet, they serve a very important purpose.

Your house requires air ducts to ensure that your home is being properly ventilated, in every room of your home. Just as you need your air unit to condition clean air, you need your air vents to distribute clean air. But, this can only happen if you have your air ducts scrubbed, and vacuumed on a regular basis.

If you’re worried about the price of maintenance, you’ll probably find that your local HVAC contractor sells maintenance package deals. This allows you and other homeowners to receive regularly scheduled maintenance visits throughout the year, at a reduced fee.